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as soon as your pc loses oomph, it is frequently that the cause is low system memory. you’ve in all likelihood heard that contemporary computer reminiscence improvements come inside the form of a laptop SODIMM, however just what are they, and possibly most importantly, how will you purchase the only proper in your computer? To save you confusion, let’s move over the essential aspects you must recognize earlier than clicking the order button! You can get more details about here.

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what is a pc SODIMM?

A laptop SODIMM is the shorthand time period for computer Small define dual Inline memory Module. quite a mouthful would not you watched? happily, a SODIMM is rather small and is the name given to the PCB (revealed Circuit Board) on which current computer memory is offered.

consequently, each time you stumble across a computer reminiscence improve, it is very possibly to be a computer SODIMM of some sort. Does this suggest all laptop SODIMM’s are same? unfortunately not, however luck has it that it is no longer as complex as it sounds.

pc SODIMM’s differ relying on what form of memory they characteristic. Older SDRAM SODIMM’s as an example are 144pin, slightly more recent DDR and DDR2 SODIMM’s are 200pin while the presently modern DDR3 SODIMM’s are 204pin. Their physical dimensions additionally vary but ever so slightly.